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Introduction > Visit of US Secretary of State to Yarze – November 22, 1993

The implementation of the United Nations resolutions is the basis for just and comprehensive peace
I welcome U.S. Secretary of State Mr. Warren Christopher and his delegation to Lebanon.
This visit will pave the way for discussions on regional and global subjects; namely, the peace process which remains in a phase of anticipation. 
Lebanon has regained its unity and has accomplished great progress in providing security and in the reconstruction and restructuring of the state institutions and in reinforcing the co-existence between its multiple religious communities. Lebanon is now seeking the implementation of UN resolution 425, which will allow us to spread our sovereignty and the authority of the state on all our territories in the South and the West Bekaa.
We strongly believe that the implementation of UN resolutions is the basis for durable, just and comprehensive peace in this region which has suffered greatly from regional and global struggles. It is time for all of us to take responsibility and re-establish stability on the basis of justice and legitimate rights.
Lebanon has regained its role in the region after years of absence and has proved that it is an essential part in the stability and balance of this part of the world. And while Lebanon is leaving no stone unturned to push forward the peace process in collaboration with his Arab brethren, we insist on the implementation of the resolutions of the international community and in particular UN resolution 799. Its complete implementation will push forward serious negotiations on the peace process in the region.
Lebanon is determined to start the rebuilding process and is expecting from its friends the necessary support to accomplish these objectives, because the real stability is not in guaranteeing security but also in building stable and strong economic, sociological and political structures that will provide the next generation with what it needs to play a constructive role internally, regionally and internationally. And the United States, being a superpower, can help Lebanon to a great extent by continuing to play its role in supporting justice and freedom in the world.

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