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Remembering April – April 13, 1990
Peace is not achieved with a decree
Fellow Lebanese,
On the eve of this painful anniversary, I come to you to declare our first year of peace, not a new year of war and tragedies.
The Time for peace has come!
Our government has succeeded up to this moment in transitioning the country from fighting, chaos and fragmentation to security and convergence. Peace is not achieved with a decree; peace is a process that is built by the daily efforts of responsible citizens in order to create a dynamic participation, construction and production that would guarantee the security of citizens.
Our army and police are the shields to our national objectives; they are the national pillars and defenders of Lebanon’s full sovereignty.
This is a decision that we won’t back down on!
The army, an institution of national fusion, has a sole purpose to protect Lebanon; and the gates are open for all who believe in Lebanon, to protect his territory, hold his dignity and freedom to join the army and defend the country.
That is why we say today that the militias and all the different armed organizations have no future.
The militias which are thanked for their sacrifices no longer have any reason to exist as the international and regional conditions have changed and are moving towards establishing peace in Lebanon and the Middle East.
The Lebanese people have chosen the state.  They have chosen unity, security and peace. The whole Lebanese population has chosen the state.
For fifteen years the militias have expanded in the absence of the state or its failure, but today the Lebanese state, is determined to be on behalf of its people, the only authority on the Lebanese territories.
Furthermore, the state is aware of the past conditions and experiences we have all been through, whether in geographic areas, stages and religious communities; and wants to erase all the reasons that led our people to war by encouraging dialogue and convergence. As we all know, violence never led to a solution, but rather to more waste and destruction.
From now on, the Lebanese people will no longer be identified by belonging to this or that
Militia, or by having been armed or not; they are all citizens of a strong and fair Lebanon.
Fellow Lebanese,
The decisions of the government will be binding and applied to the letter and I hope that they will be executed responsibly and rationally as I will not accept that any Lebanese citizen be intimidated after today.
And even though the national pact gives us the right to ask for the Syrian Army’s help to spread our sovereignty on the Lebanese territory, I hope that no party will force us to use this right because we want to spread the authority on our own. We wish that the state, law and order be re-established by a joint will. 
Fellow Lebanese,
The National Pact is an integral agreement.
It is the basis of our new constitution and I have sworn to respect it.
Any deficiency in applying one clause of the pact is a deficiency in all the clauses of the pact and will be considered a breach to its constitution and will not be tolerated.
Our efforts should be concentrated on fully implementing the National Pact, let us not waste time on marginal details that do not pertain to the national pillars of Lebanon and can be achieved later.
The road to peace might be hard for some, and many will sacrifice a lot, but that is the only path that will lead us all to prosperity.
Peace cannot be established on persecution and oppression, neither can it be established on debris and corruption.
Re-establishing the state of law, order and security is not injustice;
Reaffirming the role of the state is not oppression;
Promoting Lebanon’s image internally and at the international arena is not concession, it makes
each one of you will feel proud of being Lebanese once again.
Let us work hand in hand for a better future for us all instead of living in the past. Let us work on liberating the occupied southern Lebanese territories, a fateful task that must be a priority.
The south is not the responsibility of one party alone, or a sole geographical area, but the responsibility of the whole country.
Whoever tries to hinder the implementation of the National Pact, refuses peace and encourages chaos and fragmentation and gives Israel a pretext to continue its occupation to some of our territory.
Let us work on the implementation of UN resolution 425 and thus, put the obligations of the international community at stake so that it fulfills its promises.  We will not accept any form of military presence in the South other than our own armed legitimate forces and should we fail in this task, then it will be our right to turn towards comprehensive resistance to face occupation and protect our dignities.
Fellow Lebanese,
Many challenges await us, and the residues of the war have left their marks on many sectors if not all of them.
Let us join hands to save our country, if we don’t rebuild our country ourselves, no one will offer to help us. I hope that we once we establish security, we will call for free parliamentary elections so that the representatives of the people can enforce the new policies for a new era.
We are in the process of cleaning the rubble and debris left from the war while normalizing the life of our citizens in preparation for the rebuilding process. We will also work hard on the return of the displaced to their lands and homes.
The state is to regain control over its facilities, ports and properties. Moreover, the state money will regulated by the government. Aide will not be accepted, unless the government is notified; thus, it will not be transferred to personal of family accounts.
Aide that remains undeclared will be considered as suspicious, regardless if it was sent by a country, organization or institution. Why hide aide if we are keen on preserving the unity of the country and its people?
We shall work on resolving the housing and health care problems and offer social insurances to the citizens.
We are also looking forward to providing the basic services to citizens, like electricity, water, transportation and communication services; thus, endorse confidence in the state and nation.
We look forward to lifting our educational and pedagogic standards.
We have to fight inflation, poverty and unemployment and ensure a decent standard living to our citizens.
The tasks are endless, but we must start the restoration works and we should set immediately scientific plans that will applicable once the state capabilities become available so that Lebanon remains up to date.
How will neighboring and brother states send us assistance if we are not united and working for our nation? Lebanon, in every part of it, is in need of rebuilding, and I believe all of us here are loyal to Lebanon. 
Fellow Lebanese,
The roadmap to peace is clear in the National Pact and it is supported by our friends in the region and the world. That is why I’d like to ask some of these friendly nations not to interfere and let the Lebanese people implement this agreement, if their interference were to hinder the process of achieving unity and peace in Lebanon. I also call on all the Lebanese to not allow any foreign country to influence them and infiltrate among them as they would only be serving the interests of foreign countries at Lebanon’s expense.
The faster we can implement all of the Taef Agreement clauses the faster we will reach sovereignty and peace. We will then be able to visit the Syrian Arab Republic to thank President Hafez al Assad on behalf of the people of Lebanon for his support and sacrifices to the process of reestablishing accord and sovereignty.
We will then be able to say: “We are now capable of taking care of our country and strengthening our independence.”
Fellow honorable Lebanese,
Fellow people of skills and potentials,
Fellow Lebanese Diaspora,
Let us start the work, let us start innovation, let us start living.
Our country can reassume its position as a launching point for cultural renaissance that will help reestablish civil and urban development.
Lebanon should again be a country of employment and production that will prosper in a free market economic system. We will make working conditions better and encourage national and foreign investments so that we regain the trust of the world and reinforce Lebanon’s role at the international arena.
Lebanon should bring about a production uprising, we should revive our factories so we can re-export Lebanese products.
Let us never forget our schools and universities, our free press that we have to protect and support in order to sow light and values in every soul.
Let us build a country that will provide security and justice to its entire people and allow them to achieve their dreams and reflect the true face of its peace loving citizens.
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