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Introduction > Letter to UN Secretary General on Human rights – July 12, 1993

It is not enough to create laws; the important part is to enforce them
Your Excellency Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali
Secretary-General of the United Nations - New York,
Our consciousness of the value of the human being is one of the greatest civil achievements.
In the monotheistic religions, man is the successor to God on earth, God made him in His own image and likeness. Throughout the years, man has liberated himself from slavery, feudalism and authoritarianism, and when we think of the development of laws and regulations that guarantee the man’s rights to life, dignity and participation in the reconstruction of life, we realize that the modern and civil achievements were simultaneously the result and the cause of the rise in awareness for human rights and duties.
New problems have emerged in new eras and with the evolution of rights, they enacted a permanent struggle to fortify and improve human rights.
 Again it is not enough to create laws; the important part is to enforce and implement them.
In this era, we have to keep fighting for women’s right and combat illiteracy. We have major crises, some old and some modern, we need to keep on fighting hunger in the world but also find a solution to pollution. Weapons are getting more dangerous and destructive with the rise of chemical weapons production.  It is a time for global cooperation to fight the dangers we face and to spread the values of peace around the globe.
 Lebanon was the perfect example of a society that does not respect human rights. For sixteen years war ravaged our country leading to tragedies and the destruction of the country. It resulted in an economic, social, educational, health and environmental decline. Lebanon was abandoned by the world but our thirst for modernization and openness was not stopped. Despite all these setbacks and their burdens, the Lebanese people are still determined to overcome this situation and regain Lebanon’s position and mission in the world.
An indicator of the potential of Lebanon is the success of the experience of coexistence. It is a victory that gives Lebanon pride, as it has provided a model for the world.
 Our people in the South and West Bekaa still suffer from the abusive practices of the occupation and are threatened by death, unjust arrests and the destruction of their fruit seasons on a daily basis.  They are continuously harassed by the occupier and humiliated by its forces who violate their human rights, and the independence, sovereignty and entity of their state.
We have knocked on many doors to push forward the implementation of resolution 425. It is a violation of human rights not to respect international resolutions and not to respect the institutions whose role is to enforce these laws. We salute the efforts of the United Nations to achieve these goals, recognized and adopted by the whole world.
Lebanon is a land of peace, and we hope that the Middle East peace process will lead to just and comprehensive peace.
Lebanon will then regain its sovereignty over its territory and will be again the land of fraternity and prosperity.

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