On November 24, 1989, Elias Hraoui was elected President of the Lebanese Republic under extremely difficult security conditions, after the assassination of President Rene Mouawad. In 1995, his presidency was extended for a term of three years.

President Elias Hraoui was a model of courage and endeavor in Lebanon's emergence from war to civil peace. He faced crisis, with patience and tenacity, and worked relentlessly during 9 years to anchor national unity, restore vitality to Lebanese life, rebuild the Republic, launch the process of reconstruction and liberation, and establish sovereignty on all Lebanese territory.


Key Speeches



President Elias Hraoui mastered oratory as of childhood. He says in his memoirs: “I was into public affairs since my childhood and a fan of the art of oratory.” (1)


The family used to designate him to speak at private and public occasions in Zahle. When he was only eleven, he made a “speech in the name of the city of Zahle during its reception of President of the Republic Bechara El Khoury upon his arrival to the Bekaa’s bride at the onset of his visit to the region”. (2)


Starting with his election as MP in 1972, he delivered bold and eloquent addresses in parliament and made distinctive speeches as Lebanese delegation Head to the FAO World Congress of Nutrition in Rome in 1974 and 1975 and as Minster of Public Works and Transportation between 1980 and 1982. (3)


The President made sure the collection of his presidential speeches was published in a three-volume book, starting with his acceptance speech on November 24, 1989 and ending with his farewell speech on November 22, 1998.


This section of the website contains the most prominent speeches.

For further reading:

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