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The Farewell letter to Lebanese, 21 Nov. 1998
Fellow Lebanese,
I pledged before God and before you to save Lebanon from chaos.
I am proud of our achievements; yet, I regret not being able to accomplish more.
My calls for unity and accord have been heard by some, and dropped by others. However, I am glad to see most of those who opposed my calls, joining the process of state-building.
I would like to thank the parliaments that shared with me the burden of this stage.
I extend my gratitude to the successive governments that have highly cooperated with me.
I also thank the officials in state institutions, administrations and departments.
My sincerest gratefulness goes to the Lebanese people, for their initiatives and response to the process of state progress and security.
I have trusted you, and worked for your sake.
As of tomorrow, I shall return a citizen with my mind at peace, to re-engage in serving my country.
I return confident of the people’s attachment to their country; yet, sad that our lands in southern Lebanon and Western Bekaa have not been liberated from occupation and the people still suffer from the Israeli aggression and occupation.
I assure you that we did not leave no stone unturned, from the highest ranking international organizations to the whole world.
It hurts when one holds the power of a right at a time when rights are being abused by powers.
Only history will witness our fidelity to our legitimate right and Arab dignity, be confident, we shall be the victor.
I call on you to remain united under President Emile Lahoud’s term, and follow up our quest for complete sovereignty on all our territory, according to the internationally recognized borders. 
Fellow Lebanese,
Destiny handed me a devastated country,
I hand over a country that is walking towards a bright future
The country I was handed was hopeless, the one I hand has reconciled with itself and with its people
The state was shattered, I hand a nation whose state is united.
I have always resorted to decision making and initiatives as an alternative for criticizing and complaints.
Shifting from the mentality of war to national peace can only be attainable once a culture of national peace is established. Let the constitution and laws be your reference.
Fellow Lebanese,
For bliss, I have sacrificed
With you I shall stay,
For Lebanon
Long live Lebanon!

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