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Introduction > Parliament Approves the extension of Presidential term – October 20, 1995

Our institutions require re-organization
Fellow Lebanese,
Six years ago, we refused that our country remains in death and destruction and that our fellow citizens continue to live in anxiety and despair. Thus, we decided to build a state.
Today we have to strengthen what we achieved and continue in our effort to liberate the land, we are called to take part; namely, the institutions that have put all their efforts to serve their duties.
I thank you all, members of the parliament, members of the government and the people of Lebanon for your esteemed trust. It is with the unity of its people that Lebanon regained power to defend its rights. And the continuation of our efforts will lead us to the goals we have set for our country.
Fellow Lebanese,
The liberation of the South and West Bekaa from the Israeli occupation is our priority. We will not back down from our right for sovereignty; we will keep resisting the shelling, the destruction and the arrests. Resisting the occupation is our way of refusing the occupation, and once our lands are liberated we shall cease resistance actions. One cannot condemn our attachment to our land and our sovereignty. We will not allow Israel to make it seem as if we were against peace while it delays the application of UN resolutions and especially UN resolution 425.
We fully support a just and comprehensive peace and that is why we participated in the negotiations. We will keep honoring the Lebanese-Syrian unity track because we are convinced that that is the correct course regardless of all the pressures that Israel is putting on us to end this agreement.
Fellow Lebanese,
Our internal unity is what shields us against occupation; it is our warranty for sovereignty. If we lose this unity everything will be lost. We should reinforce our trust in the state; we should all work for the good of the nation whether we are in the opposition camp or with the ruling government. There is not one group that will win over the others and there will not be one community that will benefit more than another. The presidential palace will remain open to all the Lebanese people, regardless of their faith or political views. All should participate, not only to end destruction, but also to achieve peace in the country.
Fellow Lebanese,
We need to face the challenges realistically. We need to promote security to social security by pushing forward the rebuilding effort, encouraging the return of the displaced to their homes and lands and by protecting our democracy and our public liberties. Balanced development is the basis of our resistance and will lead us to liberation and stability. Balanced development is what will also make us proud of our identity. We are calling all those who have the means to help us rebuild the country, because the road to advancement lies in the integration of the state role and the initiatives of citizens. We need to strengthen our industry, our agriculture and open new markets to export our goods so that Lebanon regains its economic stability. The public and private sectors are both invited to play a role in fighting unemployment and attracting regional and international investments.
Fellow Lebanese,
Stability is only established when every institution implements its role as defined in the constitution. We have a huge reorganization task ahead of us. I strongly believe that some of the decrees of the constitution must be revised and I will propose these necessary amendments at the ministerial council meetings. Gaps in the flow of work must be filled in order to enhance the circle of work cooperation between institutions.
I’m saying it openly; this is not the administration that we want.
We want the administration to be free from confessional partitions; we need to strengthen it with ethics and values; we also need to empower the supervising institutions. 
The state is calling on all of us to start working.
Our accomplishments were made by our solidarity and the mistakes we committed were the result of our distance. 
This country is for all its citizens, and so is the state.
Reconstructing the state is a national responsibility, of the people in the opposition camp as well as in the governing camp. It is the responsibility of city residents and villagers, citizens and expatriates.
Our country needs all the input and all the efforts of its people so that we can build a brighter future. We have to keep working on implementing the articles of the National Pact. First and foremost, we must look into the administrative decentralization law and the administrative divisions it stipulates before sending the draft electoral law to parliament.
We are putting our efforts to issue an electoral law that ensures just and fair popular representation, and we are also preparing for municipal elections.
We will keep working in the same spirit, a nation for all, a strong state and tough people who are greater than any challenge. 
Fellow Lebanese,
The cooperation between Lebanon and Syria and the brotherly relation that we share is a strategic decision that is in the interest of both countries.
What Syria has given and sacrificed for Lebanon proves the loyalty of President Assad towards his commitments to Arab states and the authentic relation that tie our two countries.
A healthy Lebanese state is an advantage to Syria, and a powerful Syria is an advantage to Lebanon. The past six years have taught us that strengthening cooperation reinforces stability in both countries. It is said that only great men make relations on the basis of dignity and mutual respect.
This unanimous Lebanese decision reflects our honest conviction in our Arab identity, and we have become strong defenders of Arab resistance as we pledged for our legitimate rights.
Fellow Lebanese,
It is with hard work, resilience, and by making the right decisions that we will accomplish our objectives. Reconstructing the state must be on the basis of a cultural content and production incentives.
Lebanon’s role will not evolve if we don’t take part in making the history in our region. Let us open schools and universities, cultural centers and institutes, associations that will go in pair with businesses.  Let us strengthen our industry, our agriculture and our trade. Let us help tourism flourish and develop more sectors so that we reinforce Lebanon’s position at the dawn of the new era.
It is time for work, first and foremost.
My only wish is to hand over power with Lebanon back to all of the Lebanese.
Long live Lebanon !

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