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Introduction > Islamic Summit Conference Dakar – December 10, 1991

Lebanon, a message of freedom, development and peace
Mr. President,
From Lebanon, the land of both Muslim and Christian believers, I bring to you and to Senegal, the country of culture and hospitality, greetings of values and appreciation.
The links between our people go beyond any occasion and they are nobler than any interest.
It is a message of freedom, development and peace, and your care towards our community has been the best witness, in addition to the Lebanese bids which were evident in your country.
I am pleased to convey our congratulations for your election to the presidency of this conference. For your wisdom and experience, in addition to the clarity that brings us together and the strength that draws us together will enhance the success of this conference and the confidence of its results.
I would also like to place on record my appreciation for the efforts of, His Excellency the Secretary Mr. Hamed Alghabed along with the General Secretariat for their hard and consistent work in the organization.
Mr. President of the Conference,
Your Majesties, Your Highnesses and Sovereignties,
Gentlemen, Heads of Delegations,
Since the Lebanese unanimously agreed on the Taef National Agreement, with the support of the Arab League, at their forefront the Arab members of the Tripartite Committee, and the overwhelming International support; namely, the support of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, Lebanon has finally begun to cross over from the state of war to a state of peace and the people have started to enjoy prosperity.
What was relevant is the respect of the National reconciliation within the framework of respect for the democratic freedoms. Once the barriers have been removed areas were tied together and the people mobbed around the State building with the future in mind.
The assistance of the Syrian state, led by President Hafez El Assad, has facilitated this achievement by providing an ultimate support to advance the reconciliation process and emphasize the authority of the State.
After the state has demonstrated its capability and its expediency in carrying out its internal responsibilities, the rescue process became a reality acknowledged by the whole world; we now proceed to achieve two goals that serve one mission:
- The complete liberation of the South and
- The Reconstruction and rebuilding
Mr. President,
The issue of the South is not an internal problem. Lebanon is suffering from the violation of its right for sovereignty and independence there, and the horrors of daily abuse, the killing of innocent civilians, the destruction of properties and demolishing of homes. Our people there have become vulnerable to direct attacks threatening their lives and their fundamental human rights.
We are highlighting the South issue as it is the central concern of Lebanon, and a prime example for the right of a member state in your Organization to exercise his sovereignty over all its territory.
Lebanon demands the application of Resolution 425 issued by the UN Security Council over thirteen years ago. This resolution preserves the right of Lebanon to face Israel’s invasion of parts of the South and Western Bekaa, and by which the international forces were sent temporarily to Lebanon to ensure the immediate withdrawal of the Israeli troops to internationally recognized borders and to guarantee the return of the Lebanese state authority to that region.
The government paved the way to implement all the clauses of this resolution, according to an approach of coordination, collaboration and consultation with friends and of urging them to support us. 
In this context, Lebanon participated in the Peace Conference resting on three crucial points:
First: the separation between the matter of Southern Lebanon and the matter of the Middle East
Second: the commitment to apply the decisions of neighboring countries
Third: to facilitate any international effort to establish a just, comprehensive and durable peace in the region.
Lebanon has insisted on the conduct of diplomacy and communication with the neighboring countries to put an end to the violation of its borders and the tragedies.
We look forward to your conference to support us in the restoring our sacred right. And we are confident that the threats against our structure and our children move will push you no doubt to provide support to a member State in your Organization, its integrity and its role. Lebanon has always your Organization at all the political, economical, social and spiritual levels in accordance with the objectives and principles which form the bases of the Islamic Conference Organization.   
Mr. President,
How can the process of rescue and liberation evolve without supporting the reconstruction and rebuilding process? Security is not a group of military measure, but also a comprehensive and integrated development process.
As security has been established and confidence in Lebanon regained, the displaced have an incentive to return to their homeland. And as the national reconciliation process and the consolidation of the state authority over all our territory are progressing, we look forward to your support to our reconstruction plans. Lebanon has already applied for this process during the Twentieth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers and during the seventh session of the Economic Cooperation Committee of the Organization of Islamic Conference held in Istanbul in August and September of this year. We hope our pledge will be met positively by the Islamic countries so we can launch the International Fund for the reconstruction of Lebanon and empower it.
The wars have destroyed the vital facilities and hit the infrastructure of economic and production sectors. Consequently, the Lebanese government faces major challenges at all levels of reconstruction; yet, it is determined to restore things back to normal. The government has confidence and relies on the free Lebanese market economy to reach prosperity. It also depends on the active role of Lebanese businessmen worldwide; in addition, to its confidence in the contribution of the Islamic States Organization and other international organizations in supporting Lebanon to restore its active role as a crossroad of cultures and values.    
Here, as I wish to extend my gratefulness to your countries for their great hospitality to the Lebanese people. I cannot but appeal to some of the leaders to watch over the Lebanese citizens  currently present in their country; who have sacrificed and have the right to live in dignity.
We are making the first steps towards the development of all regions of Lebanon, starting with the reconstruction of our capital Beirut and the return of the displaced to their homes and properties. The Lebanese, who remain in your countries, or across the globe, have contributed in the development of your nation and deserve you, share with them the building process of their country. Solidarity and the financial support among the members of the Organization are between us at the forefront of the Organization remain its priority goals and mission.
Mr. President,
Lebanon never hesitated to defend any rights issue, and has always worked for freedom, development and peace.
Lebanon reaffirms its commitment to the rights of Palestinians to self-determination and affirms its commitment to the decisions Arab countries on the right to restore Arab territories occupied by Israel in 1967.
Lebanon also calls for working to free humanity from nuclear terror through the disarmament of chemical and bacteriological weapons across the globe and the Middle East in particular, so as to keep it free from weapons of mass destruction.
In this context, we call for dialogue as means to resolve the problems between the Islamic member states within the system or with other countries. We also urge promoting confidence in the role of this organization, for challenges that will emerge in the next century require a dialogue and cooperation approach as an alternative for conflict and strife.    
While we applaud the decline of Apartheid in South Africa, we hope to work together for a bright future for the African continent in general, and for peace to prevail so the human being will live in freedom, stability and progress.
Mr. President of the Conference,
Your Majesties, Your Highnesses and Sovereignties,
Gentlemen, Heads of Delegations,
Lebanon, overloaded with injustice, death and destruction over the last sixteen years, rises today with confidence that it is purer then the malicious events of war.
The country where God bestowed his values is back to exercising its role regionally and internationally, carrying a message of forgiveness, of right and justice and calling for convergence and cooperation as stated in the Holy Quran:
“And hold fast our faith in God and do not divide among yourselves and be slaves of God brothers.”

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