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Introduction > Speech before the Federal Senate and the Chamber of Deputies in Brasilia – September 3, 1997

Mr. President of the Senate,
Mr. Speaker,
Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,
We would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to address the friendly Brazilian people through you and from the rostrum of the Congress, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.
First and foremost, allow me to express, on behalf of Lebanon, our noblest appreciation to His Excellency, President Fernando Cardoso, for his genuine interest in enhancing the pillars of cooperation between Lebanon and Brazil.
Our nations have emerged from the depth of history. Your inherent heritage attracts the world and today, you have become a major economic power.
As to my country, it has six thousand years of cultural heritage and it remains a necessity in the Middle East and the world.
Brazil and Lebanon are looking forward to drawing up the future and our common value remains our commitment to democracy.
Since the founding of our National Peace State, we have always sought to ensure the regularity of parliamentary elections that were always held on time. We conducted an election round in 1992 and another in 1996, after twenty years without elections.
Furthermore, we are introducing reforms to the parliamentary and municipal election laws allowing the people to express their opinions.
However, the concept of democracy is not limited to the borders of a nation. It is also responsible for building relations among nations.
How can democracy prevail if we do not seek altogether the triumph of international legitimacy?
Therefore, upholding democracy is closely linked to the respect of the international law and legitimacy as well as the sovereignty of States, dialogue as a way to resolve disputes among nations, the Human Rights Charter, the condemnation of occupation crimes, detention and discrimination on the basis of race, color and belief.
Our country overcame tribulations and is rebuilding its capabilities. Our compatriots are contributing to the reconstruction of their nation. Does Lebanon deserve the continuous Israeli occupation of parts of its lands in the South and West Bekaa since1978? We have stated repeatedly that the Lebanese Armed Forces are ready to assume their mission along the internationally-recognized borders.
We want the implementation of Security Council Resolution 425 adopted in 1978 and stipulating the unconditional withdrawal of Israel from our occupied lands.
You have always supported us in international fora.
You have always upheld our rights including the right to respect international resolutions and the international legitimacy’s principles.
We demand just and comprehensive peace.
We participated to the Madrid Conference to express our solidarity with the Arabs and because we are a major part of the Middle East’s destiny and future.
We want just and comprehensive peace based on the implementation of international resolutions and the principle of land for peace.
We are looking forward to your support since the triumph of just and comprehensive peace is a victory of peace in the world…
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The advocates of democracy and peace are the advocates of development, environment and Human Rights.
It has become urgent to focus on achieving sustainable development through U.N. resolutions on environment and development adopted in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992.
It is also crucial to underline the importance of the International Conference for Human Rights held in Vienna in June 1993.
We are all partners in the consecration of these convictions and in our calls for giving the twenty-first century new dimensions laying the groundwork for an era of peace, development, democracy and creativity.
No to violence and wars, yes to dialogue as a way of resolving disputes
No to hunger and poverty, yes to solidarity in order to secure resources in the world
No to diseases and epidemics, yes to cooperation for the safety of health and environment
No to drugs, smuggling and addiction, yes to taking care of the youth and strengthening faith in life and the future
No to nuclear and chemical weapons, yes to investing human capacities for development and progress
We call for collaboration in order to develop a mechanism that embodies the forms of cooperation between our countries on economic, political, cultural and development levels.
The challenge facing the contemporary world is how democracy can build a more peaceful and prosperous era.
Let us be partners in building a better future for our nations and our values of democracy, justice, development and peace.
Long live Brazil, Long live Lebanon.

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