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Army Day – August 1, 1990
It is time state facilities return to the state

It is the tradition that on this special date I stand before you and hand the sword of righteousness and allegiance to the graduating officers.
But your institution, like our nation, has gone through particular events that have striped tradition of its prestige, even if the occasion still holds the same meaning and the same essence.
You are all invited to fulfill your responsibility when duty calls and to prove your discipline and preserve the honor of your institution. Follow the orders of your legitimate leadership and carry out your pledge to your country wherever you are. Your army is one, from every part of Lebanon, to serve all parts of Lebanon. I count on you to strengthen the sovereignty of the state and its prestige, to protect the freedom of the citizen and his rights, to defend the nation’s independence and to bring back purity to the occupied southern region of the country.
History has proven that you are sturdier than adversity. I invite you to regain your true nature, and refuse anything that was imposed on you. Your unity is the unity of the country; do not abandon your country. The determination to unite this institution does not tolerate any situation that drives the army towards division.
We stand here against the division of the army and against any movement to use this institution against the interest of the people, the state and the army itself. We will not have mercy on anyone who dares to harm this institution and its national role.
The Lebanese are anxious for an army that will stand victorious against the aggressor of the innocents; an army that will courageously fight divergence from values.
Your strength is in your unity; that is what makes this institution an honorable one. Your strength is in your sacrifices and your loyalty to the country. I promise you that your state will not fail you as long as your allegiance to it does not fail. The state will not hold back at any expense to turn this army into the shield of the country, all of the country, and of the people, all of the people.
My fellow Lebanese,
I have spent many days and nights suffering as you did, sharing the same fears that you had. But my faith in you and in Lebanon was an incentive to choose the path of wisdom and dialogue. Blood and violence do not lead but to more blood and more violence and more destruction.
I have invited you to share a truth between each other.
I have invited you to rise above small differences and temporary sensitivities.
I have invited you to reach out to each other and find common ground.
I have invited you to build Lebanon, a nation of proud people not victims.
The blood that has been shed will be meaningless if we do not take lessons from it and cross over to the shores of salvation.
We have engaged ourselves everywhere and offered opportunities to all without excluding anyone from the solution process. Since Lebanon is the responsibility of all of its citizens: how can we ask our brothers and friends to help us when there are still people within the country who refuse the uniform solution in favor of personal gains that jeopardize national salvation?
I personally believe in the Lebanese people, and the towns and cities we witnessed opening up to each other, are a clear testimony on the readiness of the Lebanese people to live together in one country for all.
We are not alone!
The support of many brotherly and friendly states the legitimate authority gained makes it stronger than the dangers that surround it.
In the past I told you that Lebanon will prevail, today I assure you that the state is coming.
I would like to extend my gratitude to our Arab brothers for their efforts and support to the solution. I would also like to thank the tripartite high committee for their hard work. We also thank our sister-state Syria, for its noble role and the efforts made by the President, our brother, Mr. Hafez al Assad. He has worked so hard with us to reach a solution to end the crisis in Lebanon.
I would also like to thank all of our friends in the capitals around world for their help and their support to the Lebanese road to salvation.
The launching of the international fund for the rebuilding of Lebanon is but a sign of the faith of Arab nations and the whole world in the future of Lebanon.
My fellow Lebanese,
I will stand with you, defend you, defend Lebanon and regain for and for Lebanon its unity, sovereignty and dignity.
We will be firm against those who violate the dignity of the state and the rights of the citizens. It is time to give back to the state its facilities.
We will soon create a center for complaints to investigate rumors and agitators. And six decades later, we have finally put together a bill to bring presidents and ministers to justice in pursuance with the constitution, in order to preserve the honor of offices.
I am not saying that things will magically change; moreover, we cannot ask the state for services outside its capacity.
But we will make realistic plans and accomplish these plans correctly, honorably, accurately and comprehensively.  We will end corruption, restore the administration and build a pioneer state; a state of justice, rights and developments.
Lebanon is calling all of its sons, residents and immigrants; we need your energy and skills.
We have a great cause to defend, we have to save a country, salvage its people, and build the future. We have to save Lebanon and give rise to values worthy of the twenty first century; the values of coexistence, integration and of peace.
Whoever refuses accord is against Lebanon, against the state and against the army.
The sense of national unity among Lebanese people and their army is our guarantee against all challenges, and a guarantee that our one flag will be raised high.
I can see on your faces that hope that the sea that will take us to the shore of salvation,
With a strong army the state will lead.
With a strong army each citizen takes back his pride of belonging to Lebanon.
Long live Lebanon and its people.

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